About Us

Innocence in danger’s mission

An international, non-profit association created by a group of citizens on 15 April 1999, at the initiative of the UNESCO Director-General, Federico Mayor, and under the presidency of Ms Homayra Sellier, in response to the recommendations of the UNESCO expert meeting convened in January 1999 on Sexual Abuse of Children, Child Pornography and Paedophilia on the Internet, in order to pursue the objectives of the Action Plan adopted by the experts to combat sexual abuse of children.

Innocence in Danger operates in 29 countries throughout the world, with partners who share the same objectives. IID thus brings together militants, Internet specialists, jurists, political decision-makers, businessmen, media and national action groups to sensitise world opinion on the increasing problems of paedo-criminality.

Innocence in Danger represents an action force to sensitise and catalyse, educate and inform governmental and non-governmental bodies, European and international intergovernmental bodies, business enterprises, and the general public – schools, community associations, the youth. Aside from  those persons explicitly listed on our website as officials of the bureaux of Innocence in Danger associations in France, Switzerland, Germany, USA and Canada, no one has the right to make any declaration in the name of Innocence in Danger, nor to organise any manifestation of whatever nature  under penalty of the law.

Since 15 April 2000, on which date Innocence in Danger was formalised and operated independently of any other organisation, its choice of partners and projects to support or put into action emanate solely from the authority of the national Innocence in Danger associations under the control of  Innocence in Danger Foundation.